Mullerthal Cycling - Through fields, woods & meadows

M4 Through fields, woods & meadows

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This moderate tour that combines short and long climbs and descents is a mix of sporty challenges and relaxing passages. The tour starts in Eppeldorf and after an initial short descent, it runs about 10 km uphill through Larochette until Christnach. After this charming village, you continue downhill through a beautiful forest area and then along the Black Ernz upwards again until Blumenthal. On small roads, the route leads through beautifully situated villages like Brouch, Berbourg, Bech and Herborn. Shortly after Herborn, you will enjoy a nice view of the Echternach lake during a longer descent, with a short climb to Osweiler. Behind Echternach, the tour passes along the Sûre and after a final climb, you get back to Eppeldorf.

Photo: © Mullerthal Cycling / Lutz


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Mullerthal Cycling - Through fields, woods & meadows

Useful information

Distance : 72.04 Km
Altitude : 860 m
Difficulty : Medium
Crossed localities : Eppeldorf, Larochette, Blumenthal, Bech, Echternach