Mullerthal Cycling - Mullerthal Light

L3 Mullerthal Light

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The first 15 km of this tour run from Echternach along the river Sûre until Reisdorf. Then comes a slightly rising section of 17 km, through the valley of the White Ernz, until Larochette which is a little more than half of the tour. There are several cafés on the marketplace where you can take a break. From Larochette, the tour continues uphill for about 5 km until Christnach almost. Then it goes downhill in the cool valley of the Black Ernz, passing the famous waterfall "Schiessentumpel". At km 45, you will overcome the last climb of the tour, past unique rock formations. From Berdorf, you may take a fast downhill on the last 5 km (be careful in the turns) or enjoy the fresh air of the forest and have a close look at the rock formations.

Photo: © Mullerthal Cycling / Lutz



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Mullerthal Cycling - Mullerthal Light

Useful information

Distance : 54.11 Km
Altitude : 670 m
Difficulty : Easy
Crossed localities : Echternach, Bollendorf, Reisdorf, Ermsdorf, Medernach, Larochette, Berdorf