Mullerthal Cycling - Einsteiger Tour | For beginners

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This short and yet varied tour of 30 km, suitable for beginners, leads along the river Sûre and through the valley of the Black Ernz. Starting at the parking lot of "Heringer Millen", one of the major mills of the region and tourist information center at the same time, the tour begins in the heart of the Mullerthal Region. It first runs through the impressive valley of the Black Ernz. After a slope, you reach the charming village of Consdorf. After the effort comes the more relaxed part leading downwards, through woodlands and along rock formations, until Echternach. This beautiful abbey town is suitable for a break. The tour then continues quietly along the Sûre towards Grundhof. From there, you reach again your starting point on gentle slopes through the idyllic valley of the Black Ernz.

Photo: © Mullerthal Cycling / Lutz



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Mullerthal Cycling - Einsteiger Tour | For beginners

Useful information

Distance : 29.87 Km
Altitude : 385 m
Difficulty : Easy
Crossed localities : Mullerthal, Consdorf, Scheidgen, Echternach, Weilerbach, Bollendorf, Grundhof