Cycle tour "Tour Däitschland"

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Cycle tour "Tour Däitschland"

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Start: Konz

This tour connects with each other the Rhineland-Palatinate, Luxembourg and the Saarland. Leaving Konz at the Saar mouth, you follow the Moselle Cycle Path to Oberbillig, facing the mouth of the Saar into the Moselle and you continue to the wine villages of Nittel and Palzem. From Remich the route follows upstream Luxembourg’s side of the river as far as Schengen, where an important European treaty was signed, as we all know. Crossing the river bridge the itinerary leads to the wine village of Perl in the Saarland. On the Saarland Cycle Path you leave the Moselle valley, and over the heights of the Saargau you cycle down into the valley of the Saar to Merzig on the Cider Road. The journey then goes downstream on the Saar Cycle Path, heading to the north back to Konz, via Saarburg.


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