Cycle tour "Gënzentour"

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Cycle tour "Gënzentour"

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Cycle tour "Gënzentour"

Start: Trainstation Troisvierges

Starting from the Ardennes village of Lieler, this circuit descends into the Our valley at a point where it is very wild, far removed from the road network and any habitation, apart from two windmills.

The circuit passes close to the meeting point of Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. The Monument of the United Europe was erected here in 1977, commemorating the former men of state who helped found a Europe without borders. Other sites worth visiting include the grotto created as you come out of Lieler, venerating Our Lady of Lourdes, as well as the superb “Kasselslay” view point (a rock perched above the valley), which may be reached via a pleasant path through the fields of colza from neighbouring Heinerscheid.

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