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The purpose of LUXEXPO THE BOX is to organise, promote and host specialised fairs and exhibitions, seminars and conferences as well as all other economic events of national and international scope. LUXEXPO THE BOX provides you with modular and multifunctional infrastructures, the supervision and technical support you need as well as a very complete range of services, essential to the success of an event.

Located in the multi-modal transport hub in Kirchberg and rubbing shoulders with the European institutions, LUXEXPO THE BOX is ideally situated in the heart of Luxembourg’s business district. The main European capitals and cities of the Greater Region are easily accessible via the transport network. LUXEXPO THE BOX offers your visitors an unparalleled range of solutions to facilitate their journey and gain access to your event by road, air or rail.


Let your event flourish !

We provide reception services, organise and serve the event – it's at the heart of our business. We showcase diversity, offer the unu- sual, encourage exchanges and communication, and awaken the desire for discovery.

Limitless and unique

We mobilise all our human and technical resources to ensure that we always provide a unique experience in the same place and in the same space. We make it possible by using a multi-dimensional space that is transformed into an area of creation, recreation and discovery. It’s different every time – just like our customers and just like our visitors.

Step outside the boundaries and let the magic begin

We are actively involved in making the event a success, by awakening the senses, provoking curiosity and tantalising emotions through an experience that will become unique, because it will be yours!

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10, circuit de la Foire Internationale
L-1347 Luxembourg City
Tel.: +352 43 99 1
Fax: +352 43 99 315

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Luxexpo - The Box

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