Ansembourg Castle

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Ansembourg Castle

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Built from the first half of the seventeenth century as "House Forges" by Thomas Bidart, pioneer iron industry, the Grand Castle Ansembourg experienced a significant transformation in the eighteenth century, when the heirs of Thomas Bidart found themselves elevated to Baron (1728) and Earl of Marchant and Ansembourg and Count of the Holy Roman Empire (1749-1750).

The gardens were laid out in 1750 and are adorned with statues, stairs and decorative fountains in the garden style regular time.

Useful information


The buildings of the castle are generaly not open to the public, but the gardens can be visited and guided tours of the gardens can be booked upon request.


Tours & Guided Tours

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10, rue de la Vallée
L-7411 Ansembourg
Tel.: +352 30 88 41 229
Fax: +352 30 75 10

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