Tourist info in the surrounding area of B&B Berdorfer Eck


B&B Berdorfer Eck

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In the surrounding area

Tourist Info Beaufort

Where : Beaufort

Closest bus stop: Beaufort, Aispist (200 m) Closest parking lot: Parking Ice...

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Tourist Info Berdorf

Where : Berdorf

Closest bus stop: Berdorf, Duerfplaz (800 m) Closest parking lot: on site...

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Tourist Info Consdorf

Where : Consdorf

Closest bus stop: Consdorf, Schoul (500 m) Closest parking lot: on site  ...

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Tourist Info Echternach

Where : Echternach

Closest bus stop: Echternach, Lycée (500 m) Closest parking lot:...


Tourist Info Reisdorf

Where : Reisdorf

The tourist information is situated in the building of the ancient railway...

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Touristcenter Heringer Millen

Where : Mullerthal

Opening hours 05/01/21 - 03/04/21 & 01/11/21 - 23/12/21: Tue - Sat 9:30...