Fabrik Bar & Restaurant

fabrik bar & restaurant mersch
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Located in an old factory near the train station in Mersch, the Fabrik welcomes you with a special concept. Italian food & burgers combined with a unique nightlife experience, huge tables and a rustic decoration make the Fabrik a modern place-to-be for everyone who wants to enjoy a great evening that goes beyond the single gesture of enoying a delicious meal.

Useful information

Opening hours

  A.M P.M
Mon 11h00 01h00
Tue 11h00 01h00
Wed 11h00 01h00
Thu 11h00 01h00
Fri 11h00 03h00
Sat  15h00 - 03h00
Sun  17h00 - 01h00


33, rue de la Gare
L-7535 Mersch
Tel.: +352 27 40 33 33

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