Luxembourg for Oldtimer Lovers

Luxembourg is a delight for motorists, especially lovers of classic and vintage cars.

Everything for oldtimer car enthusiasts

Luxembourg is a delight for motorists, especially lovers of classic and vintage cars. Well maintained, empty, scenic roads seem made for recreational driving. It’s easy to organise your own private tours, or you can participate in events organised by the dozens of local clubs. There are also numerous oldtimer gatherings and markets across the country throughout the year.

Anyone is free to sign up for the numerous, regular tours. Some welcome all old cars, others specialise in particular marques, or have particular technical requirements. The routes are designed to be full of interest and ideal for recreational driving. Events in recent years have included the Roude Leiw Classic, the Castle Tour, and the BIL Classic.

Exhibitions of old cars occur regularly. Often these include markets where you can hunt for spare parts and accessories. For example, there is the weekend-long Vintage Cars & Bikes Steinfort event held in this western town each summer. Alternatively, dozens of lovingly-maintained old cars are brought to the regular “LOF Oldtimer Breakfasts”. Held once a month on summer Sundays around the country, all are invited to enjoy a relaxing coffee and a croissant while admiring splendidly maintained cars.

Enthusiasts seeking spare parts and the thrill of being around time-honoured engineering will enjoy the annual Auto Jumble. This major event attracts car lovers from around Europe as they look to buy and sell second hand parts. A selection of classic and vintage cars are also on display. It is held in the early spring in the Luxexpo exhibition centre in Luxembourg City.

For details of these events, check out the website of the Lëtzebeurger Oldtimer Federatioun. Here you will find links to the various clubs, everything from the Alfa Romeo Club and the British Sports Car Owners Club, through to the Vintage Mustang Club and the Volvo Frënn Lëtzebuerg. Each club organises their own events.

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