Small tourist village in a magnificent setting of Ardennes hills and forests. In the village centre, a water jet surrounded by a lawn with flowers, trees and benches. In spring there are boat races on the Clerve and the Wiltz. Well-maintained network of footpaths. The church and its surroundings are floodlit. Between Merkholtz and Alscheid, on a plateau, there is a monument in honour of St. Donat. Magnificent panoramic view. "Hockslay" and "Obenschleid" promontories with viewpoints. Holiday apartments at Alscheid.

Nature Park Our

The Nature Park of Our, officially created in 2005, is located in the North-East of Luxembourg and has a common border with Germany and Belgium.

11 districts with 14,000 inhabitants and a total area of 305 km create a platform for the sustainable development of the region. Other objectives relate to economic development in harmony with the natural wealth of the region and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

In this rural area, agriculture has always played an important role. Several initiatives aimed at improving income and agricultural diversification have been developed.

Clervaux, Kiischpelt, Parc Hosingen, Putscheid, Tandel, Vianden, Troisvierges.