Bech-Kleinmacher 543 inh. and Schwebsingen 295 inh.
Wellenstein hosts the largest cooperative wine-cellars on the Luxembourg Moselle. Panoramic view from the "Scheuerberg". Wonderful shaded public square with old restored viticultural dwellings, next to the quarter of the church. Arcades of the 16th century. Houses with warm-coloured fronts which give a very ancient aspect to this typical viniculture village. Holiday apartments.

In Bech-Kleinmacher the former winegrowers' houses "A Possen" (1617) and "Muedelshaus" have been transformed into a wine and folklore museum (400 m2 exhibition surface).Cooperative wine-cellars. Beautiful promenade along the Moselle. Viticultural Circuit Vinsmoselle.In Schwebsingen, unique harbour for yachts on the Luxembourg Moselle. Archeological visit between Schwebsange and Remerschen:



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