Take the indoors outdoors

Outdoors PassionOn the road with a caravan


Venture out in comfort! A caravan offers all-weather protection and the same overnight comfort as a hotel room. Embark on a road trip with a caravan and take in Luxembourg’s fresh air.

Text Thomas Jutzler | Photos André Schösser, Thomas Jutzler

It’s love at first sight. Eriba Rockabilly, a 1950s style camper van with beguilingly rounded edges, is a cosy cross between an RV and a vacation home topped off with polka dot curtains. Small and round. We hook up our smooch-mobile and hit the Rockabilly playlist. German campers on the way to explore their neighbouring country!

The boombox blares “Peggy Sue” by Buddy Holly which gives us the name for our hotel room on wheels: Eriba Rockabilly is now called Peggy Sue. Our tour is as colourful as our camping equipment and as diverse as this country. On our journey we will experience Breaking Bad scenarios in an agricultural cooperative, hike along the long-distance Lee Trail, test our stand-up paddle boarding skills on the Upper-Sûre reservoir, stay at the Kohnenhof campsite and savour the creations of its innovative restaurant Am Our, go paddling on the Sûre, explore the cliffs and chasms around Echternach and enjoy a hearty farmer’s BBQ, the best kind of outdoor cooking. Bon appétit!

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