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Outdoors PassionWater sports on the reservoir and Moselle


Still waters or foaming waves: the Upper Sûre lake and the Moselle offer both relaxing and dynamic watersports experiences.

Text Fabian Teuber | Photos Thomas Linkel

The drinking water reservoir meanders through the narrow valley like a gigantic serpent. At times it feels like a Norwegian landscape. Other spots feel like a boundless Canadian lake. “You can take long trips here, if you want,” says canoe guide Christoph as he begins a tour with a group. With every turn, the large Upper Sûre lake branches off into a creek. Christoph and the group soon enjoy a first rest stop on a rock on the river bank. Out of the waterproof container, the canoe guide conjures up a camping stove, an espresso maker and fresh croissants.

Back at the hostel, the kayaks are pulled ashore. There, diving teacher Stéphane Eberling and his friend finish prepping for a dive. “If you can dive here, you can dive in the Mediterranean,” says Stéphane. He’s even seen crabs battling it out underwater.

For more extreme water sports, check out the dynamic activities along the Moselle near Ehnen. Here you’ll find Glenn Birsens wakeboarding on the river at 35 km per hour. He uses the boat’s wakes to jump through the air.

From action to adventure, vibrant to peaceful: One day can bring two quite distinct water experiences in Luxembourg.

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