"Borders have never crossed our minds!"

Transforming ExperiencesFrançois Valentiny, Schengen-based architect


Originally from Schengen, international star architect François Valentiny was profoundly shaped by his home region. Admire his beautiful signature style in many places along the Moselle.

Text Christiane Württemberger | Photos Oliver Raatz

“When you build, you have to engage with the landscape: the sun, the culture and the people,” François Valentiny believes. Luxembourg’s star architect spent the first ten years of his life in Remerschen. Remerschen is part of the municipality of Schengen, which lies at the tripoint where Luxembourg, Germany and France meet. Here, at the Moselle – or to be more precise, on a boat on the Moselle – the famous Schengen Agreement was signed in 1985 against a backdrop of vineyards. Schengen has long since become a symbol of open borders in Europe.

With his Valentiny Foundation, the architect has essentially made Remerschen his base camp. Visitors can come to the foundation to view Valentiny’s models and drawings and to see how his work has developed over the years. Valentiny’s artist friends also hold temporary exhibitions here. He always returns to Remerschen, whether from Shanghai or other places where he lives and works. Those familiar with Valentiny’s work will have noticed that there are several in the region. Although they look eclectic at first glance, featuring a wide range of materials from plaster to rusty steel, they all have common elements and a shared aesthetic.

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