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Get ready for a hiking adventure in the green country of Luxembourg. Find out how to equip yourself for a hike in Luxembourg?

How to equip yourself for a hike in Luxembourg?

The richness and variety of options for walking in Luxembourg will surprise you. This compact country has landscapes for every taste, whether you enjoy short strolls or hiking adventures.

Walking by water is always a delight, and Luxembourg has numerous lakes and the majestic Moselle fed by countless smaller rivers and streams. The hills, woodlands and rock formations of the Ardennes and Little Switzerland are full of interest, as is the country’s urban and industrial landscape. Luxembourg’s history is written into the landscape, including Roman temples, medieval castles, and remnants of World War II battles. You can lose yourself in the country’s wildness, or enjoy paths through well-tended farmlands, vineyards and quaint villages.

The most adventurous will just set off with a map and a GPS device, losing themselves in the country’s diverse countryside. Otherwise chose from hundreds of way-marked walks. Painted signs guide you on itineraries of everything from a few hundred metres to more than 100km. Chose the length and degree of difficulty that suit you. Either consult the multilingual guides available for purchase in bookshops and newsagents, the maps available at the tourist offices or have a look online. Even if you don’t have a car, many routes are designed to be accessible by train or bus.

Not every day is dry and sunny in Luxembourg, so think about all-weather clothing if you are going on a long walk, and boots when attempting uneven terrain. You will also need food and water if you are exploring out of the way places. In the summer months you might be unlucky and have tick attach itself to you if you are walking through forests or grassland. Wear long trousers or use an insect repellent.

Don’t worry if you don’t have hiking equipment with you. There are plenty of shops and you can even rent boots, waterproofs, walking batons and everything else you might need from the Heringer Millen Best of Wandern Testcenter in the Mullerthal.

And if you are doing a longer hike and don’t want to carry your luggage, opt for an optional luggage transfer service offered by diverse accommodation providers.

With a few preparations in place you will be all set for a satisfying, enriching, memorable walk.

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