Visit Useldange


Everlange, Schandel and Rippweiler. A village on the banks of the river Attert, dominated by the picturesque tower of its feudal castle in ruins. Pleasant walks in the surrounding woods. Cycling track. Ruins of the old Roman-style parish church.
Picturesque village which has been awarded the Europa Nostra prize for its value as a rural heritage site.

Castles and fortifications

Itinerary for people with visual impairment in the castle surroundings, implemented under the auspices of UNESCO, with more than twenty stations explaining historic and cultural values and allowing virtually to listen to, feel and touch history.

Thematic trail in the castle surroundings allowing to discover local fish and fauna and in turn connected to a herb and spice garden. Explanations on panels procured with texts in Braille.

Tours & Guided Tours

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