Youth hostels in Luxembourg

Looking for quality, low cost accommodation in Luxembourg? Discover 9 modern, roomy and fully furnished youth hostels.

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Youth Hostels in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has a great network of 9 fully furnished youth hostels. This budget accommodation is located either in new or in thoroughly renovated buildings, in Luxembourg City and throughout the country. Modern, spacious rooms and fully equipped, these hostels offer quality and high levels of comfort for your stay. They are the ideal place to accommodate large groups or families in Luxembourg. With the quality of their modern facilities and amenities housed within their premises, Luxembourg’s many youth hostels are able to host guests of all ages. The hostels are a member of Hostelling International.


Tourism Quality Labels in Luxembourg

In order to grant presumptuous welcome and best services, the Ministry for Economy created several labels to stress the importance of quality in tourism. These labels gather several initiatives improving quality in all kind of accommodation, hotels, restaurants, holiday-apartments, campsites, youth hostels, attractions and even outdoor initiatives.


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Youth Hostels in Luxembourg

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Youth Hostel Beaufort

Where : Beaufort

Facilities 62 beds spread over 16 en-suite rooms: 2 x 2 beds, 12 x 4 beds, 2 x...

beaufort 744

Youth Hostel Echternach

Where : Echternach

Facilities 118 beds spread over 29 en-suite rooms: 2 x 2 beds (equipped for...

youth hostel echternach building 9

Youth Hostel Esch-sur-Alzette

Where : Esch-sur-Alzette

Sleeping in Luxembourg's red rock region and get to know the Grand...

aj esch avec gare et train

Youth Hostel Hollenfels

Where : Hollenfels

Facilities 86 beds spread over 17 rooms, communal showers in the...

youth hostel hollenfels building 1

Youth Hostel Larochette

Where : Larochette

Dense forests and mysterious rock formations invite you to make fascinating...

youth hostel larochette 04

Youth Hostel Lultzhausen

Where : Lultzhausen

Water, flora, fauna &recreation on the shores of the Upper Sure Lake! The...

youth hostel lultzhausen

Youth Hostel Luxembourg-City

Where : Luxembourg City

Castle ruins and the European Court of Justice, banks and art museums,...

youth hostel luxembourg

Youth Hostel Remerschen (Schengen)

Where : Remerschen

Unforgettable experiences in the tri-border-area of the Moselle valley! With...

youth hostel schengen remerschen 01

Youth Hostel Vianden

Where : Vianden

Fascinating expeditions and hidden gems at the foot of Vianden Castle....

youth hostel vianden

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