Places to picnic in Luxembourg

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Published on 06/04/2018, by Luxembourg for Tourism

There’s no better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than to pack a hamper and head outside to enjoy the budding nature and sunny weather, whether it’s for a picnic with friends and family, a romantic lunch or just to enjoy some quality alone time. With so many green areas and beautiful natural settings, Luxembourg is the perfect place for a picnic.

In the capital, there are not only parks such as Kinnekswiss, Parc de la Coque or Merl Park where you can lay out your blanket and eat al fresco. The lawns of Villa Vauban, right in the city centre, also welcomes picnicking and you can even order a basket made by a chef and combine luncheon on the grass with a visit to the museum. There is the Kockelscheuer site as well - a real forest in the city - where you can find both picnic and barbecue areas.

Other popular picnic spots include all the sites around Luxembourg's lakes, such as Lake Haute-Sûre, but also the lakes of Echternach and Remerschen. You will find plenty of quiet places there as well as more lively ones where it is possible to set up your barbecue.

The Mullerthal region (Luxembourg's Little Switzerland) has dozens of picnic and barbecue areas, but also beautiful and more secluded spots where you can settle down with your basket and eat while enjoying the calm, idyllic setting. You can for example take the L2 hiking trail from Larochette or the Rosport hiking trail, in this way you’ll be sure to find an ideal picnic spot in a forest, along the banks of a river or overlooking a castle or a lush valley.