Easter holidays in Luxembourg

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Published on 26/01/2018, by Luxembourg for Tourism

Easter (Ouschteren) is an important period in Luxembourg. In addition to the religious commemorations, which bring together many families, there are also a great deal of traditions and events, some of them typically Luxembourgish.

In the Grand Duchy, the Easter bunny delivers the chocolate eggs and egg hunts are organised by many cities across the country. On Easter Sunday, children sometimes also go door-to-door with their rattles (Klibber) to collect eggs. A trip to Vianden is a must at this time of year. Not only for the seasonal opening of the chairlift, but also to attend the celebration of Jaudes on Good Friday, a custom that exists only in this commune.

However, the two most important and unavoidable Easter traditions in Luxembourg are without a doubt the Emaischen, a delightful popular festival which takes place in the old quarter of the capital and in the city of Nospelt on Easter Monday, and the Péckvillcher, whistling clay birds, which reproduce the cuckoo's call and colourfully populate the celebrations of Emaischen.

This time of year also marks the reopening of many tourist sites after the winter break, such as the Parc Merveilleux in Bettembourg or the Butterfly Garden (Jardin des Papillons). It is also the right time to go on one or more of the guided tours organised in the cities and the natural sites, now awakening and showing off beautiful, lush landscapes. Finally, the arrival of spring also coincides with the reopening of the country's campsites (even though some are open all year round).

To have a complete overview of everything on offer, head to the Place d'Armes in Luxembourg City during the Easter weekend. This is when the regional tourist offices and representatives from the tourist sector present the new season and you can also discover local products, listen to concerts and engage in various activities.