Guide Michelin Benelux 2018

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Published on 21/11/2017, by Luxembourg for Tourism

With 12 Michelin-starred restaurants, Luxembourg is definitely an ideal destination for a gourmet trip

Among the 12 starred restaurants in the 2018 Benelux edition, Guide Michelin has announced 1 new table: Ristorante Fani in Roeser.

The other awarded restaurants are: Mosconi with 2 stars, La Cristallerie, Le Clairefontaine in Luxembourg, La Distillerie in Bourglinster, Léa Linster in Frisange, La Gaichel in Gaichel, Patin d'Or in Kockelscheuer, Favoro in Esch-sur-Alzette, Le Toit pour Toi in Schouweiler and Ma langue sourit in Moutfort.

With 13 stars, the Grand Duchy has a very high density of “Michelin houses” per capita and surface.