Activities in Luxembourg for cold winter months

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Published on 09/01/2017, by Luxembourg for Tourism

The holiday season is over and the Christmas markets with the smell of gingerbread and mulled wine are gone. Unfortunately, it is still cold and rainy outside. Welcome to the new year!

You are wondering what to do now that endless hours of staying outside are no longer an option.

Well to help you out, we give you some ideas of what to do during cold and wet winter months in Luxembourg.

This weather is definitely the best time to take a cultural tour of the museums. With over 70 museums spread over the country you will have enough to do for the next months. Unique original exhibitions from art over to history and more, or educational workshops, Luxembourg covers a wide range of topics.

After a visit to a museum, nothing better than a good coffee and some delicious pastries. Luxembourg city has some secret places that you shouldn’t miss. Places that offer chocolate spoons to dunk into your hot milk and pastries that make your mouth water. High quality local products are a symbol for Luxembourg.

After a wonderful day full of discoveries, you should definitely check out the theater, concert and cinema program or simply spend a night out with friends at one of the various restaurants to taste local or international cuisine accompanied by a glass of Luxembourgish wine. Entertaining annual highlights include carnival parades and sport events during the first months of the year. 100 % fun!

For those seeking for some sports activities or time to relax, indoor swimming pools, wellness retreats and indoor playgrounds for kids are a good way to escape from the sad weather. Adventurers can enjoy some good hikes or bike tours and enjoy gorgeous panoramas. And a special winter activity can be found in Luxembourg city and Beaufort. Ice skating brings you in a very good mood and helps you to reduce the little weight that you might have gained during the holiday season.

One more suggestion, if Santa Claus didn’t bring the presents from your wish list, you now have the chance to do some shopping and to find some very good deals during the sales period.

As you can see, the weather doesn’t play an important role in Luxembourg. There is always something to do!