10 reasons to visit the different regions of Luxembourg

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Published on 13/10/2014, by Luxembourg for Tourism

Talking about Luxembourg often refers to the capital city of Luxembourg. But the country has more to offer beyond the city limit. Six completely different regions are waiting to be discovered.

Here some reasons why you should definitely take the time to explore the regions:

  • Every region of the country is as distinguish as Luxembourg-city and can be reached within a short drive with your own car or by public transportation. A good combination of nature and culture!
  • Luxembourg West, the surroundings of Luxembourg-city are more than worth a visit. The valley of the 7 castles is a must see. The valley can be crossed in about an hour by car or motorbike. The 37 km long hiking trail is another way to get to know this hidden gem.
  • The Luxembourg Ardennes region in the North is shaped by densely wooded valleys and windy plateaus with amazing natural views. Culture lovers will be amused by the numerous medieval castles and fortifications.




  • The two Nature Parks in the Luxembourg Ardennes are renowned for their high quality local products. Don’t forget to taste them!




  • The Mullerthal region - Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland, is the perfect place for hikers. The Mullerthal Trail offers impressive rock formations and hiking trails for every level. Echternach is by the way the oldest city of Luxembourg.




  • In the Moselle region you can bike along the Moselle river or through the vineyards, a fantastic way to explore its medieval villages where excellent white wines and Crémants are produced.




  • In the Red Rock region you can stroll through the industrial wasteland which nature has conquered back lately and learn about the rich industrial past on a ride through the old mines or on a trip in the historic train 1900.




  • Every region offers panoramic hiking, biking and mountain biking trails which allow you to discover untouched spots of the country.
  • All over the year, numerous major events take place throughout the country.  Just enjoy some traditional events wherever you are!
  • Besides hotels, you can find numerous charming rentals and youth hostels. And the ones who want to dive into the wildlife, campsites and glamping are a very good option.