Agricultural plateaux and winding valleys, etched deep into the Ardennes slate which characterises the landscape in this merged local authority area. The surrounding hills in Arsdorf and Bilsdorf offer pleasant walks through extensive forests with viewpoints over the lake. Well-restored old mill in Arsdorf. Bigonville has an excellent location on an agricultural plain, surrounded by wooded slopes. Extensive network of walking paths with many viewpoints, old cemetery, St. Donat's Chapel in a picturesque setting. Near Eschette, the forests hide the ruins of the castle of Schorels. Perlé and Holtz are situated on the hilltops at the frontier between Luxembourg and Belgium. The extensive forests are crossed by many footpaths. Martelange-Rombach is located on the banks of the Sûre. Site of former slate quarries, worked between 1750 and 1986, at Haut-Martelange. This site has been rewarded with the Henry Ford Price 95/96 for nature and environment protection. Rambrouch, with Schwiedelbrouch and Koetschette, are situated on a plateau in a pleasant landscape. Cycling track. Outstanding main altar at the parish church at Hostert.



In the surrounding area