A donkey-themed tour

The Good Life


A day with the mascot of Diekirch

Strong-willed, gentle and intelligent: donkeys are far better than their reputation might suggest. One of Luxembourg’s towns has even made the donkey its mascot! In Diekirch you will come across some form of these animals practically at every turn - so why not take a donkey-themed tour? On which church tower does the donkey turn in the wind instead of a weathercock? What can you learn about the faithful pack animals in the Museum of Diekirch's History? And how cuddly are the donkeys at the In Bedingen nature adventure park? Find out! Who knows, maybe there will be beer flowing from the Donkey fountain in Diekirch on the very day of your visit! Because that only happens on special occasions.


This offer is proposed to you by Visit Éislek.

Our advice

Stop by the Military Museum in Diekirch. Would you like some refreshments and to learn about Diekirch beer? Then head to the Diekirch Brewery History Museum.