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Tour 07a: Regioun Mellerdall West

31.07. - 01.08.

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Useful information

Distance : 50 Km Duration : 03:30 Difficulty : Medium

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The tour is accessible from 31 July and 1 August 2021 and comprises two parts: from the P&R Junglinster, there’s a western tour via Larochette and an eastern tour via Echternach.

The western route connects the valleys of the Sûre and Black Ernz. In the White Ernz Valley, you pass through Larochette, where you can admire the imposing castle. Other highlights of the tour can be found in the valley of the Black Ernz, namely the Schiessentümpel, Heringer Millen and Kallektuffquell.

There will be a food and drink stand in the centre of Larochette. There will also be information stands at Heringer Millen and guided bike tours will be on offer. Bicycles can be rented from Rentabike in Grundhof and from the Heringer Millen.

The 50 km long western tour starts out at the P&R near Junglinster. The western route connects the valleys of the Sûre and Black Ernz. The route first descends via Junglinster and Godbrange into the valley of the White Ernz and then to Larochette, where you can admire the imposing castle. Above the valley, the route leads to the beautiful villages of Eppeldorf and Bigelbaach until you reach the Sûre valley. Along the river, the tour leads to Grundhof and then into the shady valley of the Black Ernz, which has less traffic for cyclists, to the village of Mullerthal, where you visit a former mill at the Heringer Millen Tourist Centre. Then continue past the Schiessentümpel waterfall and the refreshing Kallektuffquell spring into the valley to Reuland, where you can take a short break at the Reiländer Millen. Then it’s back to Junglinster with its imposing radio antennas.

Safety advice
Even if you are travelling on roads with reduced traffic, follow the traffic regulations and bear in mind that residents and farmers may cross your path.

Paths reserved for cyclists (note: residents may pass):
●  N14 Medernach – Larochette
● CR 118 Larchette – Christnach
● CR 121 Vugelsmillen – Mullerthal – Blumenthal
● CR 131 Schiltzbierg
● CR 356 Grevenhaff and Waldbillig - Mullerthal
● CR 364 Beaufort – Vugelsmillen - Berdorf

More information
Along the “Vëlosummer” routes, cyclists can collect stickers and win great prizes. When you buy something, have a drink, eat or pay admission at one of the participating businesses, you receive a sticker. You can stick these on a collection card in the handy postcard format (available in the participating businesses). Once you’ve collected five stickers, you can enter the competition by sending in the card.

Public transport
By bus to the P&R in Junglinster. The round trip can also be started at other places, e.g. Echternach, Larochette, Mullerthal and Grundhof.

Free parking at the P&R in Junglinster.

Author’s tip
Enjoy the view of Larochette Castle along the western route. Cultural highlights on the eastern route are the market square and abbey of Echternach.

Vëlosummer 2021

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