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Tour 06: Minett by bike

31.07. - 29.08.

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Useful information

Distance : 65 Km Duration : 04:30 Difficulty : Medium Crossed localities : Differdange, Pétange, Bettembourg, Dudelange, Rumelange, Esch-sur-Alzette, Belval

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Discover the diversity of nature in the south of Luxembourg all along the 70 KM route of this Tour and experience how the industrial past keeps shaping the present. Along with highlights such as the UNESCO-heritage blast furnaces of Belval or the “Parc Merveilleux” in Bettembourg, the Minett-Region, which is also recognized with the "Man and the Biosphere"-UNESCO label, is showing you its best side.

Thanks to three shortcuts, the tour can be shortened as desired or driven in alternative loops. The three shortcuts can be found at
● Bettembourg (2.2 km via connector PC8 to PC6)
● Kayl (2.6 km via PC6 between Kayl and Schifflange)
● Esch / Belval (6.3 km via connector PC6 to PC8 between Esch / Belval and Foetz, via Esch / Lallange)
Attention: the shortcuts are not signposted.

Safety information
Even if you are travelling on roads with reduced traffic, please follow the traffic regulations and bear in mind that residents and farmers may cross your path.

Please remember to bring enough food and drinking water

Tips and hints
Tel. +352 27 54 59 91

Along the “Vëlosummer” routes, cyclists can collect stickers and win great prizes. When you buy something, have a drink, eat or pay admission at one of the participating businesses, you receive a sticker. You can stick these on a collection card in the handy postcard format (available in the participating businesses). Once you’ve collected five stickers, you can enter the competition by sending in the card.

Turn-by-turn directions
Please follow the "Vëlosummer" signs on the wooden boards. The path is also marked by spray chalk on the road.

Alternative entry options available:
● Bettembourg railway station
● Dudelange church, via Dudelange train station
● Pétange, via Bomicht roundabout
Attention: the alternatve entries are not signposted.

Public transport
Many large cities in the region (Esch-sur-Alzette, Differdange, Pétange, Bettembourg) can be reached directly by train.
Public transport is free in the whole country

Public parking available at the alternative starting locations

Author’s advice
It's a great idea to plan for stops along the way at the touristic highlighs, such as the "Science Center" in Differdange
The VR swing "Sky Swing" is also located here, where you can see the country's tourist highlights from a bird's eye view.

Vëlosummer 2021

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