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Tour 02: Syredall Tour

31.07. - 29.08.

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Distance : 50 Km Duration : 03:30 Difficulty : Medium

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The tour is accessible from 31 July to 29 August and leads past the “A Wiewesch” Nature Conservation Centre in Manternach and through the tunnel at Bech – these are just some of the highlights on the tour.

After starting out at the station in Roodt-sur-Syre, you cycle to the centre of the village and then on to Mensdorf. Here it’s worth stopping to admire the diverse flora and fauna of the Menster Brill nature reserve along the Syre river. The route continues via Niederanven to Gonderange and Bourglinster, where a magnificent view of the castle opens up as you pass through. The route then leads to Junglinster, Beidweiler and Rippig before entering the tunnel at Zittig – what an experience awaits you! Once in Bech, the route leads from Berbourg to Manternach with its beautiful “Manternacher Fiels” nature reserve via Wecker to Betzdorf with its numerous satellite dishes and via Olingen back to Roodt-sur-Syre.

We recommend cyclists start in Roodt-sur-Syre and discover the route in a clockwise direction.
After setting off at the station in Roodt-sur-Syre, cycle along rue du Moulin and rue d’Olingen to the centre of the village, continue across the intersection onto rue Haupeschhaff and towards Mensdorf. Here it’s worth stopping to take a look at the diverse flora and fauna of the Menster Brill nature reserve along the Syre river. Before the railway crossing, turn right along the dirt road to Niederanven into rue de Mensdorf, then continue along rue de Munsbach to the large intersection. Turn right here onto route de Trèves and then take the first left onto rue du Bois. Keep going straight on until you reach the Syre cycle path (PC 4) and continue cycling along it to Ernster. In the centre of the village, take a sharp right onto the Echternach cycle path (PC 2) to Gonderange. Arriving in the village, turn left, cross the village centre and continue through the N11 subway. At the next intersection, turn right onto rue Anne Frank. Continue straight on and then turn left at the intersection. Once on CR 122, turn right briefly and then immediately left again along the dirt road to the second intersection. Turn right again here and then left and keep going straight on to Bourglinster on the CR 130. In the centre of the village, turn onto the CR 131 and follow the road to the end of the village. Turn left here and keep going straight until you reach rue d’Altlinster in Junglinster. Here you can combine with the Regioun Mëllerdall tour (Tour 7b – western loop). Continue into the village centre and turn left onto route d’Echternach, through the roundabout onto the PC 2 track (Echternach). Now follow this route and after passing through the impressive tunnel, turn right into the village. Continue along the “Beiwerwiss” road, then turn left onto “An der Gruecht” to Berbourg, which will be closed to public traffic for the whole month. The route then continues through the village and onto “neie Wee” road to Manternach, where a visit to the “A Wiewesch” Nature Conservation Centre is definitely worthwhile. The route goes through the railway subway and continues on to the PC 4 track (Syre) via Wecker to Betzdorf. Here you can see the impressive number of satellite dishes at SES, the world’s largest satellite operator outside the USA. The route then continues to Olingen, where you turn left before the railway crossing and follow the dirt road back to Roodt-sur-Syre.

The tour can be started at any point, and will be signposted and accessible in both directions from 31 July to 29 August.

Safety advice
Even if you are travelling on roads with reduced traffic, please follow the traffic regulations and bear in mind that residents and farmers may cross your path.

Closed roads (note: residents may pass):
● CR 137 Berbourg – Bech

More information
Along the “Vëlosummer” routes, cyclists can collect stickers and win great prizes. When you buy something, have a drink, eat or pay admission at one of the participating businesses, you receive a sticker. You can stick these on a collection card in the handy postcard format (available in the participating businesses). Once you’ve collected five stickers, you can enter the competition by sending in the card.

Public transport
By bus or train to Roodt-sur-Syre. The round trip can also be started at other places, e.g. Betzdorf, Manternach, or Wecker.

Parking available at Roodt-sur-Syre, Manternach, Junglinster, Bourglinster.

Author’s tip
Explore “A Wiewesch” Nature Conservation Centre in Manternach and the beautiful Bourglinster Castle.

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