MullerthalTrail Wollefsschlucht ©ORTMPSL ThBichler
MullerthalTrail Wollefsschlucht ©ORTMPSL ThBichler

In the enchanted Wolf Gorge

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Hiking through legends in the Mullerthal

50-metre high, steep rocks, clearly visible sandstone layers, many stairs and an exciting legend: the Wolf Gorge near Echternach. It is one of the most spectacular natural monuments in the Mullerthal region. According to the legend, a treasure is hidden there, guarded by a black dog with flashing eyes. But only a child who throws a rosary into a crevice in the rock can retrieve the treasure and free the dog from its curse, because the sinister guardian of the treasure is actually a count who is said to have sold his soul to the devil. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled during the hike!


This tour is offered by the Mullerthal region.

Our advice

The "Wollefsschlucht" is crossed by Tour E1 which is suited for families. This 13.5 km long-distance hiking trail offers pure hiking pleasure through the natural beauty of the Mullerthal.