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ORT Mullerthal - 2D5A6592 ©ORT MPSL   Th. Bichler

Discovery tour in Mullerthal

Outdoors Passion


Hiking and visiting

“Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland” is just waiting to be discovered! From Echternach, you will go on unforgettable excursions through the impressive landscape of the Mullerthal Trail, known beyond the borders of the country. On the first day you depart from Beaufort castle and hike 10 km on the B1 hiking trail. On the second day, you take a guided hike on the Mullerthal Trail to discover the unusual landscapes along the way. On the third day, you visit the Aquatower in Berdorf and learn more about the drinking water supply in the Mullerthal. The water tower is located on the tour E1 of the Mullerthal Trail.

All activities can easily be reached by bus and train with free public transport.


This offer is proposed by CFL Luxembourg.

Our advice

Visit the fairy-tale castles of Beaufort.