Fackelwanderung ©Ava Nineteen-Shutterstock
Fackelwanderung ©Ava Nineteen-Shutterstock

Torches light up the path



A guided walk in Ellergronn

The hiking trail, lined with tall grass, leads through the darkness. At dusk, the smells intensify, there are sounds you have never heard before as nature prepares for the night. Suddenly a mouse scurries away quickly as the light of a torch illuminates the path! A torchlight walk through the Ellergronn nature reserve is an exciting adventure for the whole family and full of exciting stories about the everyday life of those who once worked in the underground tunnels. Are you passionate about history, do you love nature or are you just curious? Then don't miss this!


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Our advice

The nature reserve is also worth a day trip - with or without a guide.