The Werewolf of Bettembourg

The Good Life


Relive a scary but beautiful legend

Is he still prowling on the hill with the cross when the moon is full? Do you hear his howling at midnight? Who will be his next victim? Legend has it that there is a werewolf in Bettembourg. A long time ago, a selfish young man is said to have left his poor dependent parents there to go to war, never to be heard of again. Long after the death of his parents, an old, crippled soldier appeared in the town. He stopped at the stone crucifix on the hill, he cursed, ranted, threw stones at it and then disappeared. From that moment on, the town was haunted by a werewolf-like creature, ruthlessly slaughtering his victims. He was shot with a silver bullet, yet up by the stone cross, a howling creature is said to still wander around...


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Our advice

Take a night walk through the surroundings of Bettembourg… Perhaps eat some raw garlic for good measure to drive away any unwelcome nocturnal companions.