SteichenCollection TheBitterYears Dudelange 13©LFT ThomasLinkel
SteichenCollection TheBitterYears Dudelange 13©LFT ThomasLinkel

Sink into a bittersweet world



Last chance: Edward Steichen's “The Bitter Years”

The water tower of Dudelange houses impressive and evocative photo portraits from Edward Steichen's collection "The Bitter Years". In the special atmosphere of the circular, darkened exhibition space, you can find the components of the last major exhibition Steichen organised at the MoMa in New York. Now the final days of the exhibit have come, and interested people can still view the intense black and white portraits from the time of the American Depression. On 3 January 2021 the pictures will be taken down.


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Our advice

The "older sister" of the exhibition is and remains "The Family of Man" in the castle of Clervaux. In the water tower itself, the exhibition "Collapsed Mythologies: An annex to the Geofinancial Lexicon" by Eline Benjaminsen will start on 24 April 2021.