Beaufort Castle © Jos Nerancic
Beaufort Castle © Jos Nerancic

Dreamy hikes and romantic castles



Independent hike and guided tour

Combine the fun of hiking and the romance of castles: Go on an "extra tour" in the Mullerthal between Beaufort and the valley of the Sauer along spectacular rocks and with fantastic views.  After the 13km tour, discover the castles of Beaufort, where medieval charm meets Renaissance beauty. Walk in the footsteps of the last inhabitant of the manor house and then taste the famous "Cassero" against the impressive castle backdrop. This delicious blackcurrant liqueur can be enjoyed as it is or added to your favourite cocktail.


This tour is proposed by the Regional Tourist Office Mullerthal Region – Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland

Our advice

Make an appointment for a tour and taste the famous blackcurrant liqueur in the castle.