Inauguration Barfussweg Parc Leh 02 © AC Dudelange
Inauguration Barfussweg Parc Leh 02 © AC Dudelange

Feel with your feet



Relax on the barefoot path

Relaxing and switching off doesn't always have to mean wellness with massages and pampering. Let your feet plunge into the mud, into the water, walk over hill and dale, and consciously experience what lies on the path in front of you. The barefoot path in Parc Le'h in Dudelange makes this possible - free of charge and without registration. The path is 550m and has 19 stations through the forest. Pine cones, stones, sand, wood, tree bark and many other natural materials stimulate the feet during this walk for the senses. A refreshing foot shower awaits you at the end.




Our advice

Visit the CNA in Dudelange and experience photographic art at the Edward Steichen exhibition "The Bitter Years".