Mont Saint Jean Dudelange
Mont Saint Jean Dudelange

Mont Saint-Jean Castle in Dudelange



Hiking through castle ruins

If you like to dream of princes and princesses, lords and damsels, troubadours, jesters and great balls, then come and take a walk on the hills of Dudelange between the medieval and mysterious ruins of the Mont Saint-Jean castle. If you listen carefully, you might hear the gentle murmur of the damsel of Mont Saint-Jean. It is said that every seven years, the poor young woman, who was transformed into a snake, waits there for her saviour. Regardless of this legend, the place has long been a famous Christian place of pilgrimage. You can enjoy the visit independently or with a guide.



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Our advice

Also visit Edward Steichen’s "The Bitter Years" photography exhibition in the water tower of Dudelange.