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Cultural event Esch2022

European Capital of Culture

In 2022, together with 10 PRO-SUD municipalities, and 8 municipalities in France, Esch-Alzette, Luxembourg’s second largest city, is the European Capital of Culture. Each year this label is awarded to a different city or area within the European Union.

Under the slogan REMIX Culture and its four sub-sections REMIX Art, REMIX Europe, REMIX Nature and REMIX Yourself, Esch2022 aims to create synergies, guarantee sustainable development and, most importantly, ensure that the general public gets actively involved.

Esch2022 presents a vibrant innovation hub, a region that was once driven by a unique industrial tradition and is now turning into a future-oriented centre of knowledge and innovative and creative technologies. The region is now adapting to a world post Covid-19 while remaining true to its unique identity consisting of a deep-rooted cultural diversity that is characterised by a strong sense of belonging and community while continuing to challenge the notions of boundaries and borders.  

After years of transition, it remains a favourable space for the development of a common future where transparency, solidarity and trust will always prevail. 

Esch2022 creates a new perception of the region as an attractive cultural and city trip destination, creates new offers and attractions, strengthens regional identity and increases international popularity. 

At the local level, Esch2022’s watchwords are: Provide access. Empower the population. Inspire confidence. Change perspectives. Turn to innovation. At European level, Esch2022’s message is to draw strength from within. Believe. Take back control of your own destiny and build a sustainable future. 

Esch2022 offers a space of freedom and recreation that encourages us to bring new perspectives to our lives in order to strengthen this sense of common identity and trust and thus create a legacy of which we can be proud. Esch2022 encourages cultural diversity to foster personal growth. Inspire others and let others inspire you.

Thierry Kruchten
Head of Tourism, Mobility and Sustainable Development
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