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Conference : Climate justice in a climate risked world

Freitag, 22 November 2019  -  Freitag, 22 November 2019

Zeit :
19:00 - 22:00
Ansprechpartner für dieses Event
Telefon (Info) : +352 400 427 - 1


We invite you to a public conference with Sunita Narain about "Climate justice in a climate risked world: possible or the imperative for effective action". Indian environmentalist and political activist, Sunita Narain is since 1982 director of the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) based in Delhi and chief editor of the fortnightly magazine, Down to Earth. As a major proponent of the concept of sustainable development, she continues to research and writes about how environment must become the basis of livelihood security of people in the country. She has also linked issues of local democracy with global democracy, arguing that every human being has an entitlement to the global atmospheric common. Come an join us. Translation will be provided in EN/FR

We invite you to stay with us and have a drink together.

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