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Chambre Noire

Freitag, 22 November 2019

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What a stunner that American girl is! So gifted and complex too with her degree in psychology. Her name? Valerie Jean Solanas – the radical feminist writer who shot Andy Warhol. And here we all are gathered around her death bed, in a raging hallucination, surrounded by life-sized marionettes and a darkness torn apart by neon lights and ravaging melodies.
Inspired by one of Sara Stridsberg’s books, Chambre Noire is much more than a simple tribute to Solanas’ outrageous personality. It dives into her heart, her soul and her rebellious spirit. It transports us through a desert of solitude with a healthy dose of black humour.

Âge : 16+ / recommandé aussi aux adultes
Durée : 65'
en langue anglaise (avec sous-titrage français) / in English (with French subtitles)

« Un spectacle magnifique, brutal, drôle et profondément humain » - Rue 89 Strasbourg, novembre 2017
"A stunning work of art" - The New York Times, January 2019

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