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Conférence : The discipline of the existing

Dienstag, 12 November 2019  -  Dienstag, 12 November 2019

Zeit :
18:30 - 20:00
Ansprechpartner für dieses Event
Telefon (Info) : 42 75 55 34
t.miller@luca.lu http://www.luca.lu


A workers cooperative, built in Barcelona in 1924, had been abandoned for about 30 years: rain, wind and pigeons were getting in, gradually destroying the building. The roof had a hole and the sunlight penetrated, a ray of light right at the centre of the old scenery. We read this not as a menace of destruction, but as an optimistic sign of a new possible future. The rehabilitation of the old workers cooperative turned it into the new Sala Beckett Theatre and Drama Centre, a place dedicated to promote new drama stories and to put them on stage for the first time. Now, a ray of natural light is kept inside the building, changing the atmosphere of its central circulation space throughout the year.
Flores & Prats is an architectural office dedicated to the confrontation of theory and academic practice with design and construction activity. They have worked in rehabilitation of old structures for new occupations, in the design of public spaces with neighbour’s participation, as well as in social housing and its capacity to create community.
  • Tuesday, 12 november, 18:30
  • Carré, Luxembourg-Hollerich
  • Lecture given in English (no translation)
  • Free entrance, registration

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