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Projection du ciné-club hellénique

Dienstag, 13 März 2018  -  Mittwoch, 14 März 2018

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membres du ciné-club hellénique 5 €
#nodata# 9 €
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In America, 100 years before the moon landing of Apollo 11, the bellicose bemoan their fates because the federal War is over and they all have fallen into inaction. They are reminiscent of the glorious past and feeling uncomfortable with the mournful clothes remaining unused in the closets and the green grass and the cotton growing back in the fields, as Verne writes characteristically!
At that exact moment, the president of the Gun Club, Impey Barbicane, provided the solution by announcing that he has a plan to fire a cannonball to the Moon, an act that also constitutes the first substantial contact of man with the satellite of the Earth and will glorify the 36 United States of America all over the world.
An implacable enemy of the president and a strange Frenchman who will demand and eventually manage to get into the cannonball and travel to the Moon are only a few of the elements that make the rest of the story moving and hilarious.

Script, direction, animation: Angelos Spartalis
Music: Zinovia Arvanitidi
Song performed by Dionysis Savvopoulos & Psaradonis

Starring: Manos Vakousis, Aleksandros Logothetis, Stratos Tzortzoglou, Dimitris Starovas



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