When? Saturday 28.01.202320:30 - 23:45

De La Mancha & Superdrive
Where? 1, avenue du Swing, L-4367 ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE Music Festivals

De La Mancha & Superdrive

SUPERDRIVE, Power Trio from Luxembourg made up of: • Baba Pintsch, Lead vocals and guitars, • Louis Wright, Lead Vocals and Bass • Nico Wege, Drums and vocals 

SUPERDRIVE formed in November 2021 When Louis Wright who was the frontman for the Surf Cowboys got together with Baba Pintsch, the front man from the Michael Shepherd Band and the talented multi-instrumentalist Steve Schmit to form a power trio with solid roots in 70’s and 80’s rock but with a 21st century edge. Their debut album was written in a few months and then recorded in 3 days in the famous Holtz studios by Charles Stoltz. The first 2 singles “Going Down” and “After All of These Years” both got extensive play on the rock scene. Steve left the band and was replaced by the award winning Nico Wege


De la Mancha is a rock band based in Luxemburg and formed in 2011 by Marc “Frisko” Frischkorn (guitar), Jos Seil (guitar), Paul Lebrun (bass), Paul Neuen (drums) and Pol Dechmann (vocals). The band’s original name, “Sacred Numbers” was changed in 2014 to “De la Mancha” as a reminiscence to Cervantes famous literary hero “Don Quixote de la Mancha”, fighting the windmills. In remembrance of their lost bass player Paul Lebrun, the band kept this name but put it into the shorter form of “dLm” in 2020. The overall sound of dLm’s music is shaped by the eclectic styles and influences of the different band members. Catchy hook lines and precise guitarwork are flooded through by melodic and munchy licks, solid bass work, punchy, driving drum grooves and vocals ranging trough a wide array of tonal expression, from whiny ballad styles to screaming rock vocals

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Saturday 28.01.202320:30 - 23:45


Address: Mix N' Kawa - MK Bar
1, avenue du Swing
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Where? 1, avenue du Swing, L-4367 ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE

When? 28.01.2023

De La Mancha & Superdrive

Rock Night

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