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Did you know that about the Schueberfouer ?


Par Luxembourg National Tourist Office , le août 10, 2015

The traditional funfair ‘Schueberfouer’ in Luxembourg, with over 2 million visitors, is approaching. It is one of the many occasions to meet with friends and family during the summer months and it is one of the biggest events in the greater region. The place to be from the end of August to beginning of September, every year, as it reflects the contrasts of the country, its inhabitants and the city of Luxembourg.

But besides that it is a big fair with  nearly 200 attractions, 100 shops and restaurants, where fun is guaranteed, do you know much about it? It’s the place to savor local products and cuisine, to discover exceptionnal gadgets.

Let’s start with some general and historical information:

  • The foundation of the fair goes back to 1340 with John the Blind, Count of Luxembourg, who created a 8-day market for the Saint Bartholomew’s day. It used to be a huge market with a great economic importance. The monarch’s decision precisely wanted to confirm Luxembourg’s economic competitiveness on the new road connecting Italy to the Flanders. The fairs origins are thus different from all other markets linked to the consecration of a local church.  The “Schueberfouer” had always been a laic and economic fair.
  • From the end of the 16th century on, traders added cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and horses to the offer and the importance of the strategic and economic hub got even bigger.
  • The origins of the name ‘Schueberfouer’ come from “Schadebuerg”, the name of a fort at Plateau du St-Esprit, where the market was originally held, changed to “Schadebergermesse”,  “Schobermesse” and later to its actual name. Other historical sources admit that the name’s origin remembers a big fire which caused a large dammage “Schaden” to the marketeers. 
  • In 1844, thanks to the industrial Revolution, it was the first time that amusements became an integral part of the Schueberfouer.
  • The Schueberfouer has been held on the Glacis since 1893.
  • During WWII the Schuberfouer was cancelled for some years and it took years before foreign showmen were again allowed to participate and before it went back to its former glory.
  • Can you imagine the fair without Ferris wheel and roller coaster? Well, it appeared only in the 20th century. The Ferris wheel can be found in the same place every year since 1973.
  • The traditional clearance sale in Luxembourg City was born through the Schueberfouer in 1929.
  • On ‘Kiermes’ Day, musicians stroll with sheep through the streets of Luxembourg’s City Center on the melody of the ‘Hämmelsmarsch’, in order to celebrate the Schueberfouer. The local shooting club organized every year a shooting competition at the fair where the main prize where sheep. Today, the ‘Hämmelsmarsch’ is still played at the opening ceremony between a little flock of sheep.
  • Lämmy, a sheep in the traditional cloth for the ‘Hämmelsmarsch’ is the mascot of the Schueberfouer.
  • Fouerfësch, whiting fried in brewer’s yeast, traditionally eaten with French fries and combined with a beer or a glass of dry Moselle wine, is the speciality of the fair.

Why not experiencing this traditional event and enjoying the end of your summer holidays during a City trip to Luxembourg?

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