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Mountainbiking in Luxembourg

Mountainbiking in Luxembourg

Par Luxembourg National Tourist Office , le août 11, 2014

Mountainbiker’s heart will beat faster by discovering that Luxembourg has a network of over 500 km signposted hilly and scenic mountainbike tracks stretched all over the country.  If you come with your own bike or if you need to rent a bike to go on a discovery mountainbike tour, Luxembourg has a complete offer to satisfy you during your stay.

With 17 different tours ranging from 11 to 35 km,  the Ardennes region is the one who has the most varied offer. Some of the tracks are the perfect challenge for experienced mountain bikers, whereas others are ideal for family outings with keen little mountain bikers.

The mountainbike track in the Red Rock region is very unique as it is in a former industrial region. The landscapes are a remarkable contrast to the green hills and valleys of the other region. With a biker’s park at a former mining site, you can get your heart rate higher. Pure excitement!

The dense woodlands and bizarre rock formations of the region Mullerthal, Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland are designed for the needs of mountainbikers. The 4 romantic routes are a good way to discover this beautiful region in a different way and at a faster pace.

New routes are located around the vineyards of the Moselle. The 5 diverse Mountainbike routes start in the villages of Dalheim, Greiveldingen, Grevenmacher, Manternach and Wormeldingen. The routes offer breathtaking panoramic views on the Mosel river and its countless vines. Wine tasting can be done after the tour!

If you are not so keen to try the routes on your own, you can discover the most interesting and thrilling tracks of some regions with qualified local guides. After all the physical effort, you can pamper yourself with some local food and rest a little at one of the restaurants and cafes of the picturesque villages.

For more information, download our Mountainbike brochure and map!

Enjoy your ride!


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