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Friday, 08 March 2013

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9:00 pm
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 On 8 March 2013 Tuys will release their debut EP "People". To celebrate this special event, the will play a live gig at the Rockhalcafe. Seed to Tree and Five Cent Cones, two young Luxembourg based bands, will play alongside them and complete the line-up of the evening.
Tuys' story begins in Dudelange in 2007. Sam Tritz (vocals/guitar), Tun Biever (vocals/guitar) and Kay Gianni (drums) decide to form a rock band. They have their first rehearsal at ten, their first TV appearance at thirteen and their first Rockhal gig at fourteen. Laurent Thiry joins the ranks in 2011 and completes the proper rock band line-up on his bass guitar. The addition of a fourth member finally elevates their talent for catchy rock-pop to a whole new level.
Initially based on a misunderstanding between Sam (suggested Threes) and Tun (understood Tuys), Tuys now embodies the names of its founding members: Tu for Tun, Y for Kay and, last but not least, S for Sam.

After gathering a load of additional live experience, the quartet started writing new songs by the turn of 2011/2012. «Wombatgirl» (Pop-Rock), «The Sun» (Alternative Pop), «You Changed Your Life», (Pop), «The Fight» (Pop-Rock) and «Frozen Hearts» (Rock) are all proof of a brand new Tuys: more bass, even more heart and, for the first time, lyrics in English.

Tuys just completed the most active year in band history by playing at major festivals like Food For Your Senses, winning the newcomer contests Screaming Fields and Rock the South and releasing their first Single "People". 

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