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© Fränz Schneider
© Ronald Jacobs
© Pit Scholtes
© Ronald Jacobs
© Pit Scholtes
Mill Man Trail © Mullerthalcycling
Mill Man Trail © Mullerthalcycling
Mill Man Trail © Mullerthalcycling
© Pit Scholtes
Mill Man Trail © Mullerthalcycling
© Pit Scholtes
© Ronald Jacobs
© Ronald Jacobs

More than 500 km off road mountain bike routes in Luxembourg

Luxembourg disposes of a specific network of mountain bike tracks with a total length of more than 500 km. Those dirt roads and trails vary in difficulty from easy to very hard. Taking the mountain biker through woods and forests, the mountainbike routes have a specific signalisation that separates them from classical cycling bike tours. Several establishments rent mountain bikes per day or per week. Mountain biking - definitely an exciting way to discover Luxembourg far away from common paths.

Mountain bike tracks in Luxemburg

mtb bavigne photo

MTB trail Bavigne - Boulaide


MTB trail Bavigne - Boulaide Start: Bavigne This route...

mtb trail bech photo

MTB trail Bech


MTB trail Bech Start: Becher Gare This moderately...

mtb berdorf-beaufort

MTB trail Berdorf - Beaufort


MTB trail Berdorf - Beaufort Start: Berdorf This path, of...

mtb trail bettendorf  reisdorf

MTB trail Bettendorf - Reisdorf


MTB trail Bettendorf - Reisdorf Start: Bettendorf The...

mtb trail clervaux

MTB trail Clervaux


MTB trail Clervaux Start: Place Benelux Clervaux This is a...

mtb trail dalheim

MTB trail Dalheim


MTB trail Dalheim Start: Dalheim This route crosses a...

mtb echternach

MTB trail Echternach


MTB trail Echternach Start: Youth Hostel Echternach This...

mtb erpeldange

MTB trail Erpeldange


MTB trail Erpeldange Start: Church Erpeldange Several...

mtb goesdorf

MTB trail Goesdorf


MTB trail Goesdorf Start: Townhall Goesdorf This route...

mtb trail greiveldange

MTB trail Greiveldange


MTB trail Greiveldange Start: Greiveldange Without doubt...

mtb grevenmacher

MTB trail Grevenmacher


MTB trail Grevenmacher Start: Potaschberg The circuit...

mtb trail hoscheid

MTB trail Hoscheid


MTB trail Hoscheid Start: Parking near the church  -...

mtb hosingen

MTB trail Hosingen


MTB trail Hosingen Start: Camping des Ardennes - ...

mtb hosingen-lellingen

MTB trail Hosingen - Lellingen


MTB trail Hosingen - Lellingen Start: Camping des Ardennes...

mtb ingeldorf

MTB trail Ingeldorf - Ettelbruck


MTB trail Ingeldorf - Ettelbruck Start: Church Ingeldorf...