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Luxembourg, its castles, its medieval festivals

The power of past Luxembourgish lords and lieges is evidenced by the various castles and fortifications in Luxembourg, remains of the Middle-Ages. Discover not only the large restored castles (Vianden, Beaufort, Bourscheid, Bourglinster or Clervaux) but also the numerous majestic castle ruins revealing the myths and sagas of their time. Medieval festivals, exhibitions and concerts offer excellent opportunities to discover the castles of Luxembourg in a perfectly authentic setting. Ballad fans can follow the national hiking trail of the "Valley of the 7 castles" that runs through the idyllic Valley of Eisch. There, one discovers the seven magnificent castles in a peaceful area with breathtaking landscapes.

Castles and fortifications in Luxembourg

Ansembourg castle outside

Ansembourg Castle


Built from the first half of the seventeenth century as...

Aspelt castle

Aspelt Castle


The origins of Aspelt Castle appear to go back to before...

beaufort castle jason critchell

Beaufort Castles


The old castle, protected by a moat, was built in four...

visit casemates

Bock Casemates

Luxembourg City

In 963, Count Siegfried built a fortified castle on the...

Bourglinster castle

Bourglinster Castle


As early as 1098, the village of Linster is mentioned as a...

Vue from Bourscheid Castle

Bourscheid Castle


Castle Bourscheid, triangular in shape, is situated on a...

Castle Clervaux

Clervaux Castle


The majestic castle is perched on the slopes of a rocky...

Differdange Renaissance Castle

Differdange Renaissance Castle


The Renaissance Castle, former head quarter from...


Esch-sur-Sûre Castle


The first written evidence of Esch-sur-Sûre is found...

palais grand ducal christian millen

Grand-Ducal Palace

Luxembourg City

As the town residence of the Grand Duke, the palace has...

Hesperange castle

Hesperange Castle


The locality of Hesperange was first mentioned in 867 /...

Hollenfels castle

Hollenfels Castle


Youth hostel and ecological centre on the domain of...

Koerich Castle

Koerich Castle


Chateau Koerich, situated in the Goebelange brook valley...

Larochette castle by night

Larochette Castle


The ruins of Larochette Castle are perched on a sandstone...

Mersch castle

Mersch Castle


The first lord of Mersch, Theodoric, appears in a 1232...

Mont Saint-Jean Castle Dudelange

Mont Saint-Jean Castle Dudelange


The Mount St John Since time immemorial, Mount St John has...

Petrusse casemates

Petrusse Casemates

Luxembourg City

Their origin goes back to 1644, when the Spaniards...

Pettingen castle

Pettingen Castle


The beautiful ruins testify to the power of the former...

Brandenbourg castle

Ruins of Brandenbourg Castle


Brandenbourg is crowned with the ruins of a castle whose...

Schengen castle Park

Schengen Castle


Schengen Castle (1812, houses a hotel) has a 13th century...