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Situated in the Valley of the "Haute Chiers" at the foot of the Dogger which towers a good hundred metres above its foreland, the city of Differdange, an important industrial centre (well-known for its Grey type steel girders), is also known as "Steeltown".

The city presents many tourist attractions, among many other interesting places there is the Cistercian Abbey founded in 1235, the castle of Differdange housing the Miami University, the new Town Hall built in 1964, the old Town Hall, the Gerlache Park, an oasis of green in the centre of the town with its floral clock, the steel factory founded in 1896 and the Marcel Noppeney Cultural Centre with its many exhibitions and other events.

Lasauvage, the only French-speaking village in Luxembourg declared a pilot village for the maintenance and restoration of the industrial habitat, is part of the commune of Differdange and is situated at a few kilometres from the city-centre.

The industrial and railway park in Fond-de-Gras with its café Bei der Giedel, a former miners' canteen built in 1881, and the reconstruction of a Differdange grocery shop from the beginning of the 20th century.

Tours & Guided Tours

Archaeological finds on the "Tëtelbierg"

This guided tour will lead you to the archaeological finds on the "Tëtelbierg". The "Tëtelbierg" is an archaeological site of great importance where archaeologists have discovered remains...

Mining Train "Minièresbunn" tour

The mining train connects, over a distance of 4 km, the Fond-de-Gras and the former workers’ village Lasauvage. After passing through a small section of forest, the train enters the underground mine. The ride...