From the Holocaust to the Battle of the Bulge

From the Holocaust to the Battle of the Bulge

Duration: 4 hour(s)

Tour step 1

Half dayFrom the Holocaust to the Battle of the Bulge

Hiking from train station to train station

  • Start : train station Troisvierges
  • Arrival : train station Clervaux

Hiking distance 11,8 km, difficulty: easy.
Duration 2,5 hours.




Step 1

Troisvierges - Clervaux

In Troisvierges:
8.8cm PAK 43 German anti-tank cannon

passing through Cinqfontaines:

Holocaust memorial

In 1943, the Nazis brought more than 300 Jews to this ex-convent before deportation to concentration camps. Only 38 survived. We are reminded of these horrific events by a monument created in 1969 by Lucien Wercollier, who was himself a camp survivor. Luxembourg’s Jewish community numbered more than 3,900 in 1940, but more than 1,200 perished in the Holocaust.

Direction Maulusmühle/Clervaux: RAF A-29 Lockheed Hudson turbo-prop plane wreck in the forest. A monument commemorates the six Belgian and British airmen who were shot down by German anti-aircraft fire. Their plane crashed into the forest.


Battle of the Bulge museum - 30 minute visit (free access with the Luxembourg Card) and GI monument.

-Lunch in Clervaux-

Return to Troisvierges by train.