Claudine Kunnert-Ehlinger

In the surrounding area

grand chateau ansembourg 10

Ansembourg Castle

Where : Ansembourg

Built from the first half of the seventeenth century as "House...

enelter chapelle menhir 1

Chapel "Eenelter"

Where : Reckange

A chapel has been standing on this site since the early Christian age. The...

chateau hollenfels 2

Hollenfels Castle

Where : Hollenfels

Perched on a rocky spur at a height of 315 m, Hollenfels Castle – which...

172 koerich chateau 2

Koerich Castle

Where : Koerich

Chateau Koerich, situated in the Goebelange brook valley is a typical example...

mersch 3

Mersch Castle

Where : Mersch

The first lord of Mersch, Theodoric, appears in a 1232 text as: "Miles,...

chateau schoenfels 3

Schoenfels Castle

Where : Schoenfels

The hamlet of Schoenfels is first mentioned by the name of Scindalasheim in a...

chateau septfontaines 01

Septfontaines Castle

Where : Septfontaines

The  exact time of the  first castle in Septfontaines, is no longer...

cha teau d useldange nuit ac d useldange lft

Useldange Castle

Where : Useldange

The division of estates created the lordship of Useldange around the year...